Saturday, October 3, 2009

The very fancy catarpillar

Last night after we came home from shopping we got ready to make little Ace a birthday hat.I got pom-poms and there we go!!!I got the glue gun and Tia and Khloe were exited to help.I put a little glue they put the little pom-pom on the hat.The hat is looking great but I promised them if they are good helpers I am going to have a surprise for them.So I got 2 pieces of paper and let them glue pom-poms on it and at the and looked like a caterpillar.Just when we were almost done Khloe touched the hot glue and the tragedy began.We kissed the finger,blow on it but she just had that awee for ever.Every minute she kept coming back for a kiss on the finger

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