Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My name!

Khloe is almost 3 and she already changed her name two time.First she was Khloe Bianka.Than she changed it to Lady Gaga.That is not it!One day she came home from grandma with a brand new name:
Hannah Montana Alejandro Lady Gaga...
Let's see what's next!The more the better?

Friday, July 9, 2010

My family!

This morning we asked Tia to draw her family.It started really good for a first timer.First came the head and 2 eyes.We suggested the neck and the tummy and she did the hands.Momo said to draw some boobies too and she got really exited to draw them too.I said to draw the hair and she draw long long hair like Rapunzel's but she did not forget about the boobies.To finish it of she draw a big belly button too.And there is the picture!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My first medal

Tia got a medal!Yeah!Serious!!A big shiny one!For what?
She got to pull the tractor.And she did good!Not the first one but got more then half the way through!
And here is the proof!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Good night kiss

Khloe was ready for bed.She was sitting in her bed and I was asking for a kiss good night.Khloe just said:
-I want water!
-Khloe can you give mommy a kiss?
-I want water!
-Give me a kissy kiss,pleas?
- I do it when I am done?
Done with what?I had to give her water to get my kiss!

Friday, June 4, 2010

The back yard Zoo

And this is not it.Today we just saw the big black bear walking by our mailbox.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Other mommy

Tia asked last night:
-Mommy,are you old?
I was getting dinner ready and between pot and pans I sad :
Tia tought for a moment and then she said:
-If you are old should we get an other mommy?
-Do you want on other mommy?I think you should get one if you want!
-No,no !She said .I think I want you mommy!
My heart was just going out of my chest she didn't want on other mommy!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Tia

She loves flowers,can you see?

Bed time

Every night we go to bed we give kisses to everybody and Khloe goes in her bed upstairs and mommy tucks her in and then takes Tia downstairs.And then the train comes:up and down the stairs.
Tia needs something mommy runs down stairs.Khloe needs something ,mommy runs upstairs.
Khloe asks for water and I give her a cup and she holds the cup but does not drink.
-Drink, Khloe!I say!
And she just holds the cup and asks:
-Kiss me mommy!I always kiss her when I give her the cup of water and she was waiting for the kiss.That kiss was much more special and I won't forget it any more!

Friday, April 30, 2010

What is you name?

Khloe knows her name since she was 18 months old.We put her in front of a mirror after her bath and she will go on:
And then I say :yes and she will continue:
Now we ask her what is her name and her rapid answer is :
-I don't know!Khloe!
The bath ritual is the same:Khloe Jensen Bianka!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Who needs a bib?

For sure Khloe does and she uses one every time the food is messy.She has 3 bibs that can catch the food. We just found one that wasn't used for a long time.No snaps no pocket for caching the food.Pretty with flowers and butterflies.Ones she used it she wanted to play with it too.And who was the most important person to play with?Guess what:Mishi.Big sister came to help too and they tied the bib on Mishi but no time to take a picture the dog maneged to take it of and run away!Good dog!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My bhayoon!

After Tia and Khloe got a helium balloon they were very happy with it.We went to have lunch and the balloon escaped from the car but mommy had the string securely tided and it was for sure the balloon will just hang on.It was not true.The balloon escaped form the other and ant flue away up in the sky.A little whine came from the car:
-my bhayoon!My bhayoon!
And kept coming in the craft store too.We decided to go back and get an other balloon!

The Shoppping Day

We went shopping yesterday.Daddy gave the girls some money for shopping and they got really happy over it.After daddy went to bad I asked Tia what is she going to buy with her money and she said:"Watermelon".I asked what else and she said she has enough toys.So we got ready in the morning and left.
First thing she bought was a mirror at Target!
Then they both bought something sweet and a balloon(the balloon story is an other story).
At the craft store they each got a treasure chest to keep stuff in it and to decorate it.
And at the mall they had a ride on the marry-go round!
It was fun and they enjoyed every little thing.But we did not buy watermelon even if they have money left over that they keep in the treasure chest!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The little cown

Monday is dance class.But last Monday was picture night so 10 little girls,all dressed up in pink\purple tutus hoped around the dance floor.It was a cute thing to see and pictures were taken before the photographer was even working!Everybody had a single picture then the group of girls were ready to take the last picture.It was hard to make every girl to pose but somehow they did it after a few shots the clown was on.Tia was putting her hand up,sat down,got up,jumped (between some pictures were taken)and made goofy faces!Hope she remembers this picture when she will be on her firs date!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

New bed!

Khloe is a big girl!She got a new big bed in her room.She loves the Micky comforter and her Micky pillow.Two days Khloe and Tia were messing up the bed and having a good time but last night Tia was ready to give up her bigger bed and sleep in the Micky bed.I told them if they start playing and messing up Tia would go downstairs in fer bed.But she was really quiet and tried to keep Khloe quiet.After I went in 2 times to check on them finally they fell asleep.Tia was so thankful she fell asleep with her hand on Khloe's heart.
They had a good night sleep but Khloe woke up early and tried to wake up everybody.She new it was her bed and she was the boss!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

You ruined my heart!

Before bed time we asked Tia and Khloe to clean up the living room.Khloe was putting away some books and Tia came from behind and pushed her but I was right there to stop her and tell her that is wasn't nice to do that.Because I took her by surprise she got scared and run away.I put Khloe on the potty and Tia came back saying:
You ruined my heart!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My first day at school

February 11Th 2010 we woke up like every day but this was not a regular day.At 8.45 am we left house to go to school.We got there and we forgot the paper work so we come right back home.We still got there in time.
I know the school,I go there to swim but this was different.We went right in to the library.Lots of books and new people but I got used to it right the way.Khloe played with blocks and I went to see the classroom and have fun with my teachers.My mommy and daddy waited for me in the library.After I learn my first song,played and colored I went to a bus ride with all the teachers and the other Kids.I had fun and I can't wait to go back to school again!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

In church

Today we went to church.The girls were pretty good with their bags of coloring books and crayons .Everything went well and we even went in the front for communion.Tia sang from her imaginary book with all the people.Church was over and everybody stood up and in that quiet you could hear Khloe clapping her hand happily:
-Yeaaaaaaah!You did it!
People laughed and toughed she was happy!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

About babies

We have a lot of pictures in some albums.Some are with just mommy and daddy.But a pink one has a new baby in it and that is Tia.She always asked where was she in the other albums and we told her that she was not born yet.And then she kept asking:
"Did you lose me,mommy?"
How could we explain to a 3 year old were was she before mommy and daddy got married and a little while after that?She got it on her on,she was lost for a while.
So ,after a while she got the thing that she was born (who knows what she knows).She was asking us:
"Do you want to see the pictures when I was born?"
Of course we wanted and once we asked her:
Where were you born,Tia?
A very difficult answer came:
"At the hopiscal!"and at an other day:"At the hospical!"