Saturday, February 27, 2010

New bed!

Khloe is a big girl!She got a new big bed in her room.She loves the Micky comforter and her Micky pillow.Two days Khloe and Tia were messing up the bed and having a good time but last night Tia was ready to give up her bigger bed and sleep in the Micky bed.I told them if they start playing and messing up Tia would go downstairs in fer bed.But she was really quiet and tried to keep Khloe quiet.After I went in 2 times to check on them finally they fell asleep.Tia was so thankful she fell asleep with her hand on Khloe's heart.
They had a good night sleep but Khloe woke up early and tried to wake up everybody.She new it was her bed and she was the boss!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

You ruined my heart!

Before bed time we asked Tia and Khloe to clean up the living room.Khloe was putting away some books and Tia came from behind and pushed her but I was right there to stop her and tell her that is wasn't nice to do that.Because I took her by surprise she got scared and run away.I put Khloe on the potty and Tia came back saying:
You ruined my heart!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My first day at school

February 11Th 2010 we woke up like every day but this was not a regular day.At 8.45 am we left house to go to school.We got there and we forgot the paper work so we come right back home.We still got there in time.
I know the school,I go there to swim but this was different.We went right in to the library.Lots of books and new people but I got used to it right the way.Khloe played with blocks and I went to see the classroom and have fun with my teachers.My mommy and daddy waited for me in the library.After I learn my first song,played and colored I went to a bus ride with all the teachers and the other Kids.I had fun and I can't wait to go back to school again!