Sunday, January 31, 2010

In church

Today we went to church.The girls were pretty good with their bags of coloring books and crayons .Everything went well and we even went in the front for communion.Tia sang from her imaginary book with all the people.Church was over and everybody stood up and in that quiet you could hear Khloe clapping her hand happily:
-Yeaaaaaaah!You did it!
People laughed and toughed she was happy!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

About babies

We have a lot of pictures in some albums.Some are with just mommy and daddy.But a pink one has a new baby in it and that is Tia.She always asked where was she in the other albums and we told her that she was not born yet.And then she kept asking:
"Did you lose me,mommy?"
How could we explain to a 3 year old were was she before mommy and daddy got married and a little while after that?She got it on her on,she was lost for a while.
So ,after a while she got the thing that she was born (who knows what she knows).She was asking us:
"Do you want to see the pictures when I was born?"
Of course we wanted and once we asked her:
Where were you born,Tia?
A very difficult answer came:
"At the hopiscal!"and at an other day:"At the hospical!"