Sunday, November 22, 2009

The big party

Yesterday we celebrated Khloe's second birthday.We told her a few days before about the present she is going to get,about the people she is going to see and about all the fun she is going to have.The night before we told her that we are going to dress her like a princes and she is going to have a princess cake.She went to bed but not like other times .She kept coming out or pick under the door.After a while we just let her settle down.And she did and she had a good night sleep.
In the morning she was all dressed for her party.In her wanderings, the night before she maneged to take out of her dresser a pink onsie and put it on.It was a funny sight to see the onsie around her body over the pajamas.She did not get to put the hand in the sleeves,probably to much work for a tired girl.

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